Board Members

The Kenosha Women’s Network board is structured as described below:

Kenosha Women’s Network Executive Committee
The Kenosha Women’s Network Executive Committee consists of the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, immediate past president, and chairpersons of the standing committees. The Executive Committee is responsible for the management, policy making, and guidance of Kenosha Women’s Network.

For the year of 2017, the officers and their positions are listed below.

  • President – Joanne Horner
  • Vice President – Patti Mason
  • Secretary – Christine King
  • Treasurer – Alicia Fosbinder
  • Hospitality – Christa Boudreau
  • Membership – Wendy Gauss
  • Communications – Joanna Carlberg
  • Fundraising – Open
  • Past President Immediate – Amanda Blommel

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